On Highlander Time

Lyra Luhr has traveled from the year of 2003 to 836 A.D. by a fierce lightning storm which was controlled by a Norse God, who sent her to meet a man that the God had picked for her husband. She also has to live through a time that unknown to her; living the world that is truly the man’s world, and live with a husband that is not just a Viking.
Varg Drake is not all he seems to be; a man who is a Celtic/Viking. There is more to him than just a name; he is a shapeshifter, and women would normally run from him once they found out what he turns into. The day of the wedding; he was sent out to fight a war, and comes back to learn that his wife is a Christian.
Will a shape-shifter Celtic/Viking learn to live with his wife; after learning that she has beliefs that are different from his own? Will the two of them survive?


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